Rattlesnake Calathea (4 inch)


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Rattlesnake Calathea in plastic liner. It will fit perfectly in any container larger than 4″ (we recommend something with holes in the bottom for proper drainage).

This Calathea is a gorgeous indoor plant with lush, decorative leaves!

This plant requires low light conditions. It does best in light shade and indirect indoor light. Do not place in direct light. Calatheas prefer well-drained soil and high humidity to thrive. Calathea houseplants should be kept moist, but not soggy. We recommend letting the soil dry slightly between waterings.

Read more Rattlesnake Calathea care instructions below.

Formal name: Calathea lancifolia

Nicknames: Rattlesnake plant, rattlesnake calathea

Family: Marantaceae

Native habitat: Brazilian tropical forests, Central and South America, West Indies.

Difficulty level: Easy-medium.

Light requirements: Prefers light shade and indirect light indoors. Do not place in direct light.

Watering: Frequent; let the soil dry slightly between waterings. Do not let the this plant sit in soggy soil.

Soil: Rich, well-draining. We recommend a combination of indoor potting soil and perlite.

Temperature: They are highly sensitive to cold, drafts, and sudden temperature fluctuations. Best if kept between 60 and 80 F. (16-27 C.)

These plants may seem difficult. However, given the correct environment, they will thrive and continue to product beautiful foliage and ornate leaves! They grow best in warm, humid, and well-lit conditions, but they never do well in direct sunlight.

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